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Reduce your carbon footprint,  Lead your industry sector, lower your cost of energy and stay ahead of your competitors.

At CB we understand business.  As part of the CB Group, which has been trading in South East Queensland since 1946, our commercial energy solutions team will assist your business to achieve enduring sustainability and efficiency goals.

In line with the recent kVA billing changes, we can help your business improve your power factor with a detailed analysis of your current usage, and advise you on the
best solution.
Power Factor Correction will cancel the wastage from your electricity bill, and reduce your demand tariff.

Free Call us on 1800 227 652 for your Free Consultation, and we will provide:

  • Analysis of your electricity consumption
  • Power Factor Correction solution profile
  • Feasibility v. cost report for both PFC and Solar solutions

Allow us to assist your business to become environmentally friendly, while at the same time improve your bottom line.

For more information on commercial solar panel systems and how they will benefit your business, contact us on 1800 227 652 or

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