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CB Solar offering Australia’s first Blockchain using battery - to power homes.

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Householders have had enough of rising electricity prices and are sticking it to electricity companies. CB Solar, breaking new ground, having already installed multiple single and three phase Sonnen Battery units across South East Queensland and are allowing homeowners to access $0 electricity bills. This technology, a first of its kind, uses Blockchain Technology to link individual homeowners systems to create a super generator. $0 Energy Bills – could change the power game forever.

“This type of technology will change the way we look at the sale of electricity” says General Manager David Hine of CB Solar. “imagine opening your electricity bill and seeing $0 Energy Charges, it is a game changer”.

More than 160,000 people globally are already being supplied with clean and affordable energy as part of the world’s largest energy sharing platform.

Plug into the sonnenCommunity with sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat combines with your solar system and sonnenBatterie, to offer the complete energy package giving members of the sonnenCommunity cost certainty for clean energy.

How does sonnenFlat work?

  • The offer is open to customers who purchase and install the sonnenBatterie and who have an existing or new solar system.

  • Once you have purchased and installed your sonnenBatterie, you can sign up for one of three sonnenFlat packages.

  • Your solar and sonnenBatterie system will cover a large portion of your energy consumption but not all. Therefore under a conventional retail bill you will still have energy charges and fixed supply charges to pay.

  • sonnenFlat replaces both these charges with one low monthly fee, saving you money on electricity bills.

  • Each package requires a suitable capacity solar system installed on the roof of your home.

  • The solar system, the sonnenBatterie and sonnenFlat will combine to provide your energy needs to the consumption allowance.

  • If you exceed the allowance in a 12 month period you will be charged ONLY for the excess consumption taken by the grid at a low competitive per kWh energy rate.

Read more here https://www.cbsolar.com.au/sonnen-batterie

$0 power bills

“Residential Energy Management is more than just adding solar panels to your home. What CB Solar has created, is connected smart homes – Virtual Power Plants, Energy bill predictability, Energy Independence– it just makes so much sense.”

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